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Chocolite, a new brand and wildly popular method of seriously losing weight, losing weight very comfortably based on opinions, judgements in Italy. With Chocolite you can according to your requirements to lose weight and enjoy at the same time. That chocolate you will be few people dispute. O Chocolite in practice, for weight loss door will lead to more demand points for lead. Case of digging deeper into this Italy of music method for diving method diving!

Chocolite stands in stark contrast to traditional methods such as calorie counting, a strict diet and countless hours in the gym to spend at the gym. Assuming that Chocolite promises that it can offer, this is good news for you and many others. -

A number of traditional methods such as Weight Watchers often work well and functions if you make the execution perfect, but for a few to maintain. Both physically and mentally. You should even only have time to do so.

A lifestyle in which you have enough move around (read: not 5 hours a week in the gym must be), a good eating and a supplement used as Chocolite that for many and also for a more effective alternative. Not everyone has the time, patience and discipline to methods such as Weight Watchers day by day to day to perfection to perform.


Chocolite makes weight loss success for many more people to reach out according to opinions, forums and reviews in Italy. Because we do it. Every morning a shake with Cocoa, Acai berries, Goji berries, green coffee beans and Chia Drinks seeds is well defined and no punishment! The only thing you need to do is take the right amount of Chocolite powder to mix with water or milk. More than 1 minute will be saving.

Of course, there is also much to say for a breakfast with the Green Smoothies and Paleo Try breakfast recipes, but you are fast, 45 minutes for your breakfast to do, while the Smart Chocolate many of the foods that health experts eat.

For those who are not every morning 45 minutes, you can or want to be Chocolite is an excellent choice. They do not need vast, expensive shops to make the morning recipes complicated to do and everything is carefully weighed. And that's good!

First, and the biggest advantage for many people, Chocolite sets you'll be able to easily and fun way to lose weight. Maybe you will be left with the burning question how it is possible that you can lose weight with chocolate. A valid question!

Chocolite shaking the powder is by no means to be compared with chocolate bar standards, which you get at the supermarket to buy. It has no side effects, contraindications and no wound. Chocolite is a very well thought and balanced, agitating that cocoa is an important role, but at the same time, is complemented by very powerful foods. Understand that the composition of the ingredients is the power of Chocolite. The shock contains compared to an equivalent breakfast, i. e. the following properties:

Less calories.

A more sentimental one. This allows you to have the urgency of thrust much better resist.

Burning fat is stimulated

Feeding your body better by making it mentally stronger is the desire for bad food to resist.

Gives more energy

Has no side effects, contraindications and does not hurt

Below is an overview of the ingredients of Smart Chocolate with their properties. So it is clear why Chocolite has so many advantages, compared to the average Dutch or Belgian breakfast.


cocoaHet main ingredient of a chocolate bar that contains a lot of health benefits. So it is very rich in antioxidants, regulates blood pressure and increases the production of endorphins in your body. A hormone that makes you feel happier and happier.

The real advantage for those who want to lose weight is in the production of Serotonin. This neurotransmitter makes you faster and feel fuller. The need for between snacks decreases. Cocoa stimulates the production of Serotonin.


Glucomannan is a 100% natural, water-soluble dietary fiber that is extracted to be amorphophallus paeoniifolius, also known as Konjac. A zetmeelhoudende wortelknop that is often eaten in Asia. Glucomannan brings the following advantages:

Glucomannan has a unique moisture capacity to attract. If you have a creatine capsule in a glass of water would be empty, all the contents of the glass of water in a large gelatinous mass. This will be equal to a lot of space of your full stomach content. What that feeling

Parasites in our body are a frequently discussed topic, especially in recent years. They do not only occur in animals, but also in humans. And it doesn't matter whether you live with hygiene and do not travel to dangerous places. You should be interested in whether you have parasites and how to solve this problem. We found Germitox - a treatment against parasites, which promises a lot. Let's look at this product......



Check the price Show product reviewers' reviews

The manufacturer describes Germitox as such. It refers to the WHO's absolute statistics, according to which up to 600 million people suffer from parasites and one in ten of them die, including children. In addition, parasites can cause cancer cell growth; they cause anaemia and other inflammations, and affect the brain and heart.

They are easy to recognize. However, they can help you with these symptoms:?

Unfortunately, these symptoms can often be confused with other ailments or diseases; it means that they will tell you little.

There are many roads, the most common being

This product is composed exclusively of natural ingredients, which is its greatest advantage.

It helps to increase salivary glands and increases gastric juice secretion. It creates an unfriendly environment for worms, which is ideal for treatment against parasites.

Gentiopikrin is a substance with anti-parasitic properties. It helps to stimulate digestive glands; it promotes intestinal peristalsis, removing parasites from the body.

This substance has antiseptic, antiseptic, anticonvulsant and analgesic effects.

All three components form an ideal warrior against parasites that threaten our health.

The manufacturer declares that this is a completely natural product without any side effects. This is, in fact, a natural detoxification of the body. Moreover, the product is certified and safe.

Everything sounds good, but is it true, or is it just a lie? We cannot give a clear answer. But when you buy this product, you can be guided by the advantages and disadvantages of this product, which are at the end of the article.

This product can be ordered by the manufacturer. Simply enter your name, surname and telephone number. Then wait until the operator of the company has contacted you to complete your order. You will pay on receipt, so there's no risk of anything.

Since the product is completely new on the market, there is not much discussion and experience. We have found several blogs where users describe how the product has helped them and their families. There are also some positive reviews on the forums.

So it is definitely worth to try this product.

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Er zijn verschillende manieren om gewicht te verliezen en fit te blijven. Volgens de groeiende populariteit van Forskoline.... speciaal voor de referentie afslankpil Forskolin 250, lijkt het erop dat deze pil ook een effectieve manier is om gewicht te verliezen.

Wat is de werkelijke situatie?

Het antwoord in de volgende lijnen door middel van een uitvoerig gemotiveerde mening die al uw vragen zou beantwoorden....

Anders is hier de officiële website van Foskolin 250

Forskolin 250 20 % is een voedingssupplement in de vorm van een pil die door het laboratorium van Bauer Nutrition wordt geproduceerd.

Het wordt gepresenteerd als een effectief hulpmiddel om verschillende aandoeningen zoals astma of hoge bloeddruk te verlichten.

Beter nog, Forskolin 250 zou ook snel en kosteneffectief gewichtsverlies mogelijk maken.

Dankzij deze laatste faculteit is het product erin geslaagd om zich bekend te maken en gewaardeerd te worden door het publiek, ook al is het al duizenden jaren in gebruik.

Degenen die deze afslankpil nemen kunnen dus verwachten dat ze een stevig en tonisch lichaam hebben of terugkrijgen.

Naast het verspillen van opgeslagen vet zou Forskoline ook het metabolisme versnellen en de spiermassa verhogen. Dit is wat je nodig hebt om een silhouet te hebben in een zeer korte tijd.

Een andere faculteiten van dit afslankproduct is het reguleren van de bloedcirculatie en het verbeteren van het geheugen van individuen.

Forskoline kan uw lichaam niet helpen in termen van uiterlijk en welzijn.

Zie meer informatie over Forskoline HERE

Echter, er zijn tegenwoordig zo veel producten bekend dat ze goed zijn voor het lichaam, dat het heel moeilijk wordt om het verschil te zien.

Bovendien, als het gaat om gewichtsverlies, kan het enthousiasme van het publiek nieuwe hoogten bereiken en... nog groter kan desillusie zijn, daarom is ook voorzichtigheid geboden.

Niettemin moet worden opgemerkt dat de eerste opmerking is dat Forskolin 250 goed is begonnen, aangezien het is gewonnen uit de wortels van de Coleus forskohlii.

Coleus Forskohlii, ook wel bekend als Plectranthus barbatus, is een plant die vooral bekend is in India, het land van herkomst.

In dit land heeft de Coleus Forskhohlil een grote plaats. Het wordt vaak gebruikt in de Ayurvedische geneeskunde.

Wat je moet weten is dat Ayurvedische geneeskunde is een traditionele Indiase geneeskunde gebruikt voor meer dan 5000 jaar.

Dit geneesmiddel wordt in het Westen beschouwd als een alternatief geneesmiddel en is in werkelijkheid een traditioneel geneesmiddel dat door de WHO als zodanig wordt erkend.

Het gebruik van Forskolin 250 kan daarom op het eerste gezicht niet schadelijk zijn.

Meer concreet hebben verschillende studies zich over dit onderwerp gebogen; één daarvan is in 2005 uitgevoerd over onderwerpen die 12 weken Forskoline ontvingen.

In deze studie werd aangetoond dat vetverlies en verhoogde spiermassa in vergelijking met een placebo reëel waren.

Daarnaast hebben andere medische onderzoeken verschillende positieve signalen van bloedcirculatie, bronchiale dilatatie (werking tegen astma) en de eliminatie van krampen aangetoond.

Ook hogere niveaus van testosteron productie bij zwaarlijvige mannen zijn ook waargenomen. Deze toename van testosteron kan triviaal lijken, maar het is toch synoniem met een toename van de spiermassa.

De Forskoline lijkt dus zijn beloften na te komen. Maar hoe slagen ze erin hun wetenschappelijke beloften na te komen? Nog een mysterie om te ontrafelen....

Een nadere blik op Forskolin 250 laat zien dat deze afslankpil het lichaam in staat stelt veel meer WACC te produceren.

Het doet dit door het activeren van een enzym dat bekend staat als Adenylaat Cyclase in het lichaam.

Als gevolg hiervan leidt de hogere productie van WACP in het lichaam tot een reeks reacties, zoals het verhogen van de verwijdering van opgeslagen vet door vetopslag in cellen te ontbinden.

Forskoline door de toename van AMPC maakt het inderdaad mogelijk om de eiwitten die Hormono-Gevoelige Lipase (LHS) activeren beter te stimuleren. Dit resulteert in het vrijkomen van vetzuren, die een thermogene reactie in het lichaam teweegbrengt.

Het gevolg hiervan is dat u uw spiermassa op peil houdt terwijl u uw calorieën weet te verbranden.

Bovendien, zoals hierboven vermeld, maakt een grotere productie van AMPc ook een grotere testosteron productie mogelijk.

Vergeet niet dat testosteron is het hormoon dat de ontwikkeling van spier bij mensen mogelijk maakt; het gevolg is dat de spier blijft, maar het vet gaat weg.

Bovendien zorgt de toename van AMPC ervoor dat de schildklierfunctie wordt verbeterd en het metabolisme wordt gereguleerd.

Bovendien, wezen

Cellufix is een anticellulite crème gel op basis van natuurlijke ingrediënten van plantaardige oorsprong: zoals de officiële website zegt, kunnen de actieve bestanddelen van Cellufix helpen om vetafzettingen actief te scheiden en de vorming van nieuwe afzettingen tegen te gaan, de werking van het maagdarmkanaal te verbeteren en de verwijdering van overtollige vloeistoffen en toxines uit het lichaam te vergemakkelijken. Het complex van natuurlijke vitaminen en antioxidanten kan helpen het lichaam verjongen en gezonder maken*.

Hier zijn 3 kenmerken van Cellufix:

Cellufix is rijk aan chlorogeenzuur, dat kan helpen om de vetafzettingen van het lichaam actief te scheiden. Gember vergemakkelijkt de versnelling van het metabolisme, reinigt het lichaam en bevordert de eliminatie van vrije radicalen. Natuurlijke antioxidanten werken in op het welzijn van het lichaam.

Wat denk je dat degenen die Cellufix anticellulite crème hebben geprobeerd? We hebben de recensies, meningen, commentaren en opinies verzameld die zijn opgenomen in de forums, blogs en officiële website van Cellufix:

Voorbeeld van een getuigenis van de officiële website*

Voorbeeld van een getuigenis van de officiële website*

Breng 2-3 keer aan op de getroffen gebieden. Voor de beste resultaten dagelijks gel aanbrengen.

U kunt Cellufix direct bestellen vanaf de officiële website tegen 50% korting: 39 € in plaats van 78 € 

Slechts 3 eenvoudige stappen:

Voorbeeld van een getuigenis van de officiële website*


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Women love chocolate in general, but probably Chocolite, the majority love. C hocolite is a natural complex of functions for weight loss, ideal for women who want to get too much kilos down in a natural way. It may seem contradictory that a chocolate powder-based product to make wonders that other dietary supplements and natural remedies have promised, but just because every woman is different, you never know for whether Chocolite eill works for you and it will be the long-awaited solution.

If you want to see what are the results that girls with Chocolite get and what are the problems that have encountered using this product, you can find here some discussions, comments, opinions, opinions, reviews on Italy forum.

Chocolite, as its name suggests, is the "chocolate diet". This is in the form of powder, and the method of preparation, which leads to hot chocolate. Heat a little water and then pour some powder, mix and serve the preparation in the morning after a period of 2-4 weeks. Check out more on Chocolte here

See how you can lose weight with Chocolite in 3 weeks

Theoretically, you should follow a Chocolite diet for a month to be able to have some of the desired results. In some cases, first results can be seen even after 3 days of treatment! The manufacturer says that if you follow a course of 4 weeks with Chocolite, you can take up to 24 pounds. Realistic or not, there is only one way to discover it, but you already know!

According to other opinions, reviews and forums in Italy, if you are headin' for a weakened cure with Chocolite is to do it correctly, i. e. with diet and if it is possible (because of the state of health and time, not for laziness) and sports.

Chocolite as any other remedy for weight loss, and Chocolite is composed of natural ingredients such as cocoa, natural, goji berries, ganoderma extract lucidum and green coffee. You can use it every day, but not more than 4 weeks recommended.

Due to the fact that it is composed of natural ingredients, there are no contraindications or side effects. Difficult to believe, but only in case, it is better to consult a specialist before starting to maintain a Chocolite diet. Pregnant women or people under the age of 18 are different reasons for this should be cautious. In fact, to think about it well, breastfeeding or pregnant women, you should not even think about using Chocolite or other slimming supplements without asking your doctor before.

Returning to the ingredients of Chocolite, the way they are presented so succinctly reminds me of Thin Chocolate, another slimming product, no more, even another hot slabit?ciocolate.

What do you need to know if you want to lose weight with Chocolite

Chocolite, first of all, the Chocolite product help cut your appetite. Here, then, is the first step to win the battle against extra weight. In addition, Chocolite will charge you with energy, so that you will feel much more alive and active during the diet. Desire for the desserts disappear almost entirely, a fact, this fact, which will not fail to keep away from the temptation of unhealthy and temptations that can add pounds too much to your silhouette. Less sweetness means a balanced level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

The good part is that Chocolite has the ability to burn fat naturally, and in addition, it can also block other fat deposits in the body, especially if they are areas subject to weight gain (side hips, thighs). Cyanidine that Chocolite contains can block the development of fat cells. One on top of the other, your immune system will greatly improve during the slimming course. The advantages of extras offered by Chocolite are: the elimination of acneii or pimples and fight cellulite.

According to the manufacturer's information, Chocolite is made up only of natural ingredients, free of colouring agents, parabens or other genetically modified organisms, which means that side effects, contraindications or bad health are practically non-existent.

Where do you coma? What is the price? Chocolite cannot be bought in a pharmacy if it is not available. You can order Chocolite in their official website or in Amazon Aliexpress at an affordable price. Just check the website, since there are cheaters who will falsify the product and charge you more than the normal price. Review Amazon Aliexpress Aliexpress distributor first site before ordering.

For the weak, if you use this supplement or other, you need to keep your diet. Stop trying to take after what you say

The fight against obesity is dictated by the vital need. Not to mention the risk of developing heart disease or diabetes, an obese person has a very low self-esteem and feels uncomfortable among other people.  Unfortunately, the number of overweight people is increasing, mainly due to overeating.

It is hard to imagine how much stress obese men and women feel. Our company values an image of a healthy, modern, athletic and well-kept person. Excessive kilos are incompatible with an appearance of rigour; the days when corpulence was an attribute of wealth are long gone. To look elegant and beautiful, it is vital to keep fit and eliminate excess kilos.

Slimmer spray is an effective remedy that makes you lose weight quickly and get a slim, slender silhouette. Its strength lies in the ingredients that not only enable rapid achievement of the desired result, but are also absolutely harmless to human health. If you follow the instructions for use, you will not experience any side effects.

Slimmer spray contains a unique blend of ingredients. This product is known for its potency and ability to stop food cravings, a way to keep your hunger under control. It's much more effective than torturing yourself with diets. It will allow you to eliminate excess kilos. The body does not suffer from hunger, thanks to the beneficial action of the spray and since we consume less food, the body draws on its internal resources. The high efficiency of Slimmer spray is in its natural ingredients, chosen to act in mutual synergy for a combined effect.

The proper use of natural products has always been beneficial for health and beauty. Slimmer spray contains ingredients extracted from plants with medicinal properties. What plants were used to create this product?

Scientists have developed a drug that allows for rapid weight loss, including a high probability of losing fat accumulated over the years. Slimmer spray allows you to enjoy your favourite food without fear of gaining weight; to keep things under control, just spray the contents of the bottle in your mouth. The effect of spraying is described below:

In addition to the optimal blend of eight plants with medicinal properties gathered by professionals after a series of tests, the solution contains L-carnitine to help burn excess fat.

Slimmer spray is easy to use: you can carry it in your bag or pocket. When you start to feel the slightest discomfort caused by hunger or cravings, just spray a few drops in your mouth. The solution enters your body through the mucous membrane and saliva and begins to work. Thus the signals of hunger are blocked and food cravings are controlled.

Use the solution until the desired result is achieved. The duration of treatment is determined by the weight you need to lose and should be combined with the basic rules of a healthy diet. By taking this product, you won't have any problem reducing the amount of sweets, starchy foods or fats.

The average duration of treatment is 1 to 2 months by spraying the solution regularly in your mouth 40 minutes before meals. Scientists who have developed the drug confirm its efficacy, with the research results supporting it. Many people have lost up to 8 kilos per month in real life. If you use Slimmer spray as a preventive measure or to maintain the result, you only need to use it twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Slimmer spray does not harm health, thanks to its efficiency it acts very quickly. This natural product has no contraindications and is used for many purposes. Anyone looking to lose weight and who wants to always stay slim can use this spray, replacing expensive nutritionist services.

This unique solution works gently to prevent the body from accumulating more fat than necessary. Discover this unparalleled slimming product and stop torturing yourself with exhausting diets and workouts at the gym. Food and sport will become a source of pleasure, you will be resplendent and your body will be in perfect shape.

Chocolite substances for St. Graal's Diet. For your body how quickly burn a lot of calories. Some women have quickly transformed the matter left you in decline, have built no muscle mass and increased the weight problem. Men usually burn more calories than women, even when they are resting. The rest of us, however, Chocolite, metabolism gradually slows down to 40 years and more. It is true that age, gender, your sex can not influence, your metabolism is a chance to fix it.

Chocolite palatine master fitness fairy of the world at least 15 years of work. One day we talked about about how to use laxative products and how to be effective. Speed and your metabolism are not two identical terms. In fact, the house will help, but this will not speed up your metabolism. The end result is that even if you use laxatives, weight loss or slow down, as they still slow down their metabolism.

Your body constantly burn calories, even if you do nothing. This is a basic metabolism of much more in those people who experience strong muscles. For every 1 kg of muscle, 12 calories burn just to keep ourselves, while 1 kg of fat only 4 calories for existence. This small difference is made up of Chocolite, in a day, in a month, in a year and at the end of the year more muscle, You can notice yourself, the more you can eat, but just lose weight. After training to strengthen the muscles in your body, they are activated and increase the daily metabolism. Most women are the main cause of a slower metabolism in formation. Girls peak redesigning spinach extract extract I neglected my muscles faster to confirm.

What is the intensity of training? Chocolite Intensive training is not known to build muscle mass, but it's good that your turbo metabolism will be destroyed. Spit your lungs out "feeling during training, this is a good thing, because such short, but very intensive training for a long time to maintain increased metabolism. I know from experience, training. You need a trainer who is authentic for you, that is a beautiful shape and who has the knowledge that makes sport so tired and tired the results of weeks. At least once a week Chocolite, intensive workouts.

How much can you drink? In order to process calories, your body needs water. If you like a little dehydrated,?????????? metabolism. Study in relation to those adults who have at least 8 large glasses of water per day, burn more calories than those who only 4. During the summer, preparation, work, daily tours, calculated, Vivi and my great and great and??????? to 10 quart. Daytime!

What is the position to stimulate active substances? If you want a thermogenic fat burner? These active substances really work, and this biological point of view, we can also write. W - this is a phenomenon when it increases the production of heat by the Chocolite body, calories and so excess fat is burned. The nervous system is one of the management subsystems. It is a type of formation of an inseparable biological process. The body-body is primarily a chemical process that can be formed, during which carbon dioxide and water are produced in fattening cells. It is a chemical process, a by-product of heat, which is part of the outside world to give off. Heat quantity, multiple block types with: in this case calories with you.

This can cause the thermogenic fat burning effect. The term in such a way, burned calories to express, as usual, the adipose tissue, from the story of white fat layers, burning. In this process, the temperature of Chocolite body increases and your body for more energy to produce light. Hand-w-arm with main growth metabolism. This is the point of what is fat, smoking it, like antidepressants work, work and sport I want, readiness to act is happening, appetite is going on and go away.

If a woman is in less than 1200 calories of your diet, you hurt your metabolism. It's true that this is what you can do to help you drop a few kilos, but it comes from the Chocolite starving bodies. Meanwhile, to lose muscles, it lowered your metabolism. Such diets lead to less calories for the body to burn, and very quickly. Many of the things I have seen on the Internet. Where Amount of calories, we, I have already thrown you off. The amount of nutrients consumed must be taken into account.

They often eat, If you eat more and more frequently, it will help you lose weight. If you have a huge plate of food, you can buy yourself nice big breaks and your metabolism will slow down for two meals between. Children eat, but 3-4 hours. It's your metabolism on the go and all Chocolite things are considered during the day more calories you burn out. Many studies have shown that 3-4 hours of how food can be consumed

That's something else. A diet spray from Poland has also been sold in Germany for a few months now. That's probably as adventurous as it sounds.

With a rating of 0.8 from the maximum rating of 20, the rating portals let you know that this is probably not really the "Philosopher's Stone".

The ingredients of Fito are all found in countless competitive products.

You don't have to be an expert to realize that this composition is not likely to be successful.

Fake studies on green coffee extracts have already led to million-dollar lawsuits in the USA.

The Garcinia Cambogia has an influence on weight loss is also vigorously denied by science. However, there is no doubt that the hydroxy citric acid contained in it can lead to some side effects, which should not be underestimated.

The highly acclaimed Acai berry does not live up to its reputation either. It is not unhealthy, but you can't lose weight with it.

The same applies to the extract of mango and goji berry. To date, the scientists have not been able to establish a relevant link to weight loss.

Users are annoyed that green and blue have spent a lot of money on an ineffective product. We are talking about "pranking", can only advise against it, not one gram taken off, etc.

The Polish company White Dot SEO is responsible for distributing this diet spray. This company is known to create new "miracle cures" at regular intervals.

This production facility for "medical miracles" has already been established:

As usual when a product promises more than it can keep, the whole website is built on "tricks". Self-written success stories. Images taken from any photo database, the persons depicted may not even know that their images are used but can also be found on many other websites.

The entire structure of the website is comparable to other websites of slimming products such as Chocolate Slim. Apparently we work together here and the "skeleton" of the website is used again and again, slightly modified. Of course, this can also save costs. Whether this leaves a good impression when the websites are so similar is another question.

Who likes can also watch some movies on YouTube which are actually quite simple. You can also give that away.

The promises to lose up to 5 kilos a week with this spray are utopian.

The antioxidants contained in the product are supposed to suppress the feeling of hunger, according to the manufacturers' promises. In addition, the body is to be dehydrated and detoxified. In addition, the cholesterol level should also be balanced.

Taking it is very easy. You only have to spray the product into your throat, that's all. The spray should taste like menthol, which also gives fresh breath.

According to the manufacturer, only natural products are used for this spray. Since one can limit oneself to 1-2 inhalations per day, the individual doses are so small that no side effects are to be expected. Conversely, it has no positive effect. From this point of view, this spray is simply a poorly chosen investment.

You can order through the in-house website of Fito-Diät-Spray. The price for a bottle is 39.00 Euro. Consumption is limited, so the bottle is likely to hold out for a month. Seen in this way, this diet spray is comparatively inexpensive.

According to research, there are also several copies in circulation that are sold via online pharmacies. The outer appearance is so well made that the original and copy can hardly be visually distinguished. Before buying from an online pharmacy it is not always advisable to sell copies, as copies are often sold.

Overweighty people will not become slimmer or happier with the Fito diet spray. The majority of the evaluations are useless. No effect of any kind. The composition and the very low dosages do not permit any scientific conclusions to be drawn. Talking about wasting money here is no exaggeration.

There are certainly real alternatives at no cost. A scientifically supported diet with a suitable diet, some sport or exercise will bear fruit. No utopian 5 kilos a week, but sustainable and healthy for body and mind.