Eco Slim tested: does the slimming agent Ecoslim keep its promise?

For some time now, the Internet has been increasingly promoting Eco Slim, a product that promises to lose a lot of weight in the shortest possible time. But can Eco Slim keep its promises or is Eco Slim a rip-off?

In our test, we compare Eco Slim with our current test winner Zyra Vital.

Beware of Eco Slim!

Eco Slim is currently often advertised on the Internet as a miracle cure. Users should lose 12 to 15 kilos per month with the simple application: Simply take 35 drops of Eco Slim with water and the pounds are already falling. That it is not that easy is shown by our following test on Ecoslim.

If you take a look at the ingredients of Ecoslim, disillusionment spreads. Algae extract and L-carnitine should be the solution against fat deposits. Taurine, caffeine and guarana extract should also be included. These substances have no effect on weight loss and cause side effects in many people.

The ingredients sound more like an energy drink than a weight loss remedy. For example, people with heart disease should be particularly careful when taking Eco Slim. In addition, you should not take Ecoslim in the evening as it contains an incredible amount of caffeine and you will probably have trouble falling asleep.

We have received some letters from Eco Slim users who have complained about dizziness, headaches and sleep problems. Due to the ingredients used, this is not surprising. Therefore, we recommend to use Eco Slim with caution!

In addition, it is unknown where Ecoslim is produced exactly. According to insider information, Ecoslim will be produced in Russia. Whether this speaks for the product, we want to leave it up to everyone to decide for themselves.

If you look at the success stories of Eco Slim, you will see Mrs. Marina Narsch who has lost an incredible 1 kilogram per day. However, Mrs. Narsch is fictitious by the manufacturer. The woman in the picture is a lady from England and has probably never heard of Ecoslim.

Eco Slim advertises with fake photos

Another look at the Ecoslim website raises questions. There is no imprint on the page. It is not known who the maker of the drops is or where they are located. There is also no possibility to contact the manufacturer. In case of questions or complaints, customers are left here alone.

The backers of Ecoslim are presumably in Russia.

A bottle of Ecoslim costs just under 60 euros from the manufacturer. It is not possible to purchase the product elsewhere. Especially nasty: Customers have to fill in their contact details to get to the right order page. If you do this, the manufacturer will bother you with annoying advertising e-mails.

Customer deception: on the website, Ecoslim is given 49 euros. However, if you fill out the order form, the VAT will be added in the next step and the final price will be increased to more than 60 Euro. This is customer deception!

Eco Slim's advertisements also have a questionable aftertaste. After some research we were able to reveal the used before- and after pictures of Eco Slim as fake. The pictures were simply stolen by the advertisers and output as a result of Eco Slim.

Eco Slim is another superfluous, non-active slimming product. The manufacturer makes empty promises and hopes to deceive customers who are not as smart as you and research.

Eco Slim casts a bad light on other slimming products that affect many people. We can therefore only advise against Ecoslim and advise against using a slimming product that we have tested.

For this reason, we cannot recommend Eco Slim!

Zyra Vital is another slimming agent based on the effect of the green coffee bean. The effect of green coffee is scientifically proven and causes the burning of fat cells.

Ingredients of Zyra Vital

Zyra Vital consists on the one hand of a high-dose extract of the green coffee bean and Garcinia Cambogia (with 60% HCA content, an active extract that stimulates the metabolism of the body). Each capsule of Zyra Vital contains 600 mg active extract.

Zyra Vital works in two ways:

According to a study, test samples of Green Coffee Extract have experienced a weight loss of 22%.

Zyra Vital is usually used as follows:

The capsules are not chewed and swallowed with water. If you have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets, you can unscrew the capsules and dissolve them in water and then drink them.

It is up to everyone to decide for which application they want to use. There is probably no big difference in the effect, so you should decide what suits you best.

However, there is one thing you have to keep in mind: You can

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